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13 Energy Centers

In every culture and in every medical tradition before western medicine, healing was accomplished by moving energy. There are 13 energy vortex/Chakras in and outside of the body that determine our well being and our outcome. When those Chakras are out of alignment or damaged, it can cause havoc in our lives. MasterVibe13 is a strategy for self healing & self mastery, that teaches how to move  your own energy to bring your 13 Chakras back to healthy balance using the ancient practices of the Ancestors, Orgone Energy Batteries and your own divine healing power. Align and balance the vibration in your body. Detoxify the mind, body and spirit, regenerate cells, reprogram your brain. Transform toxic thoughts, protect yourself from chemical & digital pollution, radiation, EMF and other damaging energy that exist unseen in the atmosphere. Gain back your natural ability to heal, remember who and what you are, energy Ache'.

Orgone Energy Batteries

 Orgone (in the theory of Wilhelm Reich) is a sexual energy or life force distributed throughout the universe that can be collected and stored  for therapeutic use. Orgone Energy Batteries are my encapsulation of this Ache', life force, Chi, Prana. This energy was used in ancient Egypt to clear the pathway for the soul to travel freely, although scientist believed it was simply to preserve the body, we now know better. Orgone Energy Batteries are made with crystals, stones, metals, and resin organic and inorganic materials, when fused together it creates a multi dimensional energy that moves faster than the speed of light, transforming all forms of  negative energy on contact. Using this tool creates an optimum space for healing and self mastery.

Self Mastery

 The world is experiencing a huge transformation, a shift of the ages. Everyone on earth is experiencing a deep reality of what has been created through the collective thoughts and actions of the people on earth. Negative programs, flawed belief systems, disease and sickness have been heavily injected into society. The attack to our mind is real and constant. But we were not created to be deficient, everything needed for us to heal is within us. It is up to each individual to make the choice to save themselves, with that choice comes guidance from Universal forces Ancestors. Those who take responsibility for their outcome and learn how to master their own vessels will be the ones creating an elevated balanced reality for all humanity, through what is created with their own energy vibration.

Begin Your Healing

OM Mantra for Perfect Balance

iNside MasterVibe13

Getting Started

The first step to self mastery is making the choice to take an active role in your healing. Make a commitment to yourself to continue the process of learning, studying and practicing for all of your life. MasterVibe13 series offers guidance through the journey of healing balancing and aligning the 13 Chakras.

MasterVibe13 Study Group

Join MasterVibe13 Study Group for deeper healing, guidance through out your self mastery process, live interactive healing sessions every Friday. This high vibrational session will raise your frequency and take you to a profound state of being preparing your for your soul evolution.


by Warrior Goddess on August 8, 2015 at 2:03pmThis is just the beginning of our 30 day journey having our OEB's. Since we started wearing our OEB's and focus on our meditation we notice how to control our energy and avoid the negative.We have experience a financial blessing as we continue on this journey OEB's is defiantly a Self Healing Art.We can not wait to witness the many lives that will be healed by the OEB's, like it helping us heal our lives.

20 Minute Healing Sessions

20 min Healing Sessions

These 20 minute healing sessions are a great way to learn about what MasterVibe13 series is all about gain knowledge about meditation, your Chakra system, sexual creative energy and how it exist in you. Enjoy these complimentary sessions they are sure to help you get a kick start on your self healing process, click the link to listen.  

Private Community

MasterVibe13 Series is a private project for individuals who are interested in self healing and mastery. Due to the sensitivity of the information I share I have chosen to do all of my energy sessions and share the details of my work with Orgone Energy Batteries in a private manner, all who want to learn more are welcome to be a part of this community.    

Healing the ROOT!

The Root Chakra Muladhara is a energy vortex that exist inside your body at the base of your spine, this Chakra is responsible for the way you feel about family, money, God, material value, who you are, it all starts at the Root. Healing and activating this chakra to be in alignment with all of the others requires your direct attention to it daily. Your spiritual work activates your healing.

Ancestors Anthem Ache'13

Use your own voice to balance and align the 13 energy vortexes in and out of your body.  Ache' is a sound used by our ancestors to evoke the forces of nature and create Energy, Power, Chi. The number 13 is a symbol of the divine feminine, creation and amplification. Chanting this Mantra everyday will enhance your connection with your Ancestors known and unknown. It will raise your vibration immediately and help you discern information that come through the etheric realm.


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I want to share this information with as many people as I can who are ready to receive this knowledge and move in it. I work with small groups between 3 -13 at a time If you are interested in a private seminar or workshop for your small group, send a note with details about your group we will set up a time to speak.

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